Hello, Consignment at M&C is different than it was before Covid-19.

Thank you for continuing to share our passions for recycling and community!

Before booking your appointment, visit the Consignment Procedures & Currently Accepting List Page

Please note: A greyed-out time slot means that time is already booked. ;) You may, or may not, have to use the >> to scroll a couple of days or weeks into the future to book an open time slot.

Please do not book more than one drop-off per week. Be sure to read our Consignment Policies.

The reason for the drop-off times is two-fold: 1.to avoid having more than one person at the drop-off area at one time, and 2. to ensure that we are not taking in more items than we can process in a reasonable amount of time.

We look forward to seeing you! Masks are required inside the shop. If you cannot wear a mask over your mouth and nose, send someone, who will, to drop your consignment items.

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Thank you! If you can't make your appointment. No need to cancel. We have created more available appointments. Just go ahead and book another, but do not items more than once per week. Friends are welcome to bring consignments for each other, as long as both include only items listed, each are not more than 20 items, and each has the consignors' names, phone numbers and email addresses. Welcome to Covid-19 Consignment ;) and thank you for your continued support! <3