Cabin Fever Fashion

Stay-at-home ways to have fun, re-working your wardrobe.
Pair pieces that you've normally don't put together. Go ahead, have a try-on fashion show this afternoon. Think denim + lace, plaid + prints, sparkle + sweats. Some will look awful... but, you may hit on a new pairing that you love! 
Layer! Just play around with pieces on top of pieces. Continue to mix and match styles and prints. You are bound to find new combinations that work.
Accessorize! A belted waist, a scarf, fun shoes or a statement necklace. Add an accessory to cover that small rip or stain. 🤫 No one will know.
Get inspired.
Look through magazines, style blogs or Google for some style ideas that you love. Take those images to your closet and try to re-create them! 
It may be fun to involve friends via Zoom/FaceTime, social media or simply sending photos back and forth. Have fun!
Dress up! Do you think some of your clothes are too fancy? Not possible! 🥻️ You are fancy. Wear those fancy clothes. Wear them with jeans or sneakers if you feel the need to dress them down.  Don't wait to be invited to the ball. Make an occasion, have an indoor photo-shoot, or just wear them to the grocery store or for your Netflix marathon. 
Wear it again! You love it,'ve worn it to a wedding or event and so you think you can't wear it a second time. 😲 Wrong, again! There is a movement happening to normalize repeating outfits. 🤗 Google it. You'll see many celebrities and style experts touting the idea.
While you are re-woking your wardrobe... 
You may think of pieces that would be perfect complements to what you already have. That's where I can help. ️‍🕵️‍♂️Send your requests to me. As I continue to enter inventory into our system, I'll keep your wish lists handy. and let you know if I find what you want.
I'd love to see what you come up with!  Let's use #lovemywardrobeNH and post our new pairings, outfits, and styles!
Let me know your tips!
Your friend and neighbor,
Karen @ M&C

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