Consignment is about Community and Sustainability

Thought for today: Consignment store and thrift store do not mean exactly the same thing. In Amherst, we are lucky to have one of each located right next door to each other! 🙂
M&C is not a thrift store. We are a consignment store. M&C is owned, run and stocked by people who live in the community. My mission, for 30 years ago, has been to bring local families together by creating a community of folks who care about the planet and each other, and who appreciate better-quality clothing and accessories. You have helped to created this special place, where over 90% of the money you spend here, stays local.
Thrift stores are fun. They do, also help to keep clothing out of landfills, and provide families with good and affordable clothing. They are often owned by larger corporations, the goods that they sell are donated, and they are also important to the community.
Thank you. 💞 I am truly grateful that you share our passions for recycling, quality and community.

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