Consignment: Why We Love it.

I was thinking back to almost 30 years ago, when I first started my Mother & Child Newsletter.  It was a paper newsletter that I bulk-mailed to hundreds of local parents. I shared news about family events, and I usually included some words about natural parenting or creating community. Perhaps, in these very divisive times, a new forum can help, in a tiny way, to unify our community. 

John Muir said, “Tug on anything, and you find that it is connected to everything else in the universe.”  We, the customers and staff of M&C, are connected.  We are a community of people who care about the planet, our community, our families and each other.

Today, I was thinking about the consignment process.  It involves more work than throwing clothing out for the trash truck to take. We do it, because it is the right thing to do. Landfill space is saved, fewer new resources are used, and most of the money you spend at M&C stays within this community.  Those are good reasons, but what’s in it for you?  My answer:  human connection and being a member of a very special community.  Oh, and you’ll get credit to buy clothes for the next season, or a little cash.  😉

There are so many ways that the pieces of the M&C consignment process are connected to our well-being, our community and the planet.

When you consign clothes: You are providing clothing at an affordable price to someone in your community. You are keeping clothing from going to the local landfill. You are providing (the unsold) clothing to local organizations that can make use of them.  You are freeing up precious space in your home.

When you buy consignment clothing: You are buying things that already exist instead of using up more resources and creating more waste. You are usually buying things that have been prewashed, which means you are exposed to fewer chemicals. You are saving money while you are giving money to the member of our community who consigned the clothing. You are helping to employ local folks. You are supporting a local business that, in turn, supports other local businesses, that employ other local folks....

You get the Picture.

Thank you for being a part of all of this.


  • 02/19/2020 I have told so many of my sisters “high end” shoppers, (which I will admit I w as one of them as well) about M&C, they went on this past Saturday and LOVE ❤️ not only M&C but me too for putting them in the “loop” they do come all the way from out in all over Boston, my sister knows them from working @ Gillette. I will ask you Karen, if you want me to give my sister M&C cards for their corporate bulletin board! Like you say, let’s keep it all local(no matter how far away???) Trying to share the FUN 💋

    Stephani eHarne
  • Keep up the good work! #onehumanfamily

    Linda Pope

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