Editorial that has Nothing to do with Used Clothing. ;)

This week brings us the NH Presidential Primary and Valentine's Day. Our duty is to learn about the candidates and vote. I am hoping to to see a week and a future that includes conversation and empathy, and... love. I am hoping to see more people move toward the center and find common ground. I am praying that we do not face more years of one side pointing fingers and spending their energy on trying to make the public afraid of the people on the other side. This is life, not a football game. The object is to work together for the common good. Instead, we have watched for so many years, the party in power hell-bent on undoing anything the previous party claimed to have done. We are moving backwards, accomplishing little, and on the way, we have become a country divided, angry, and exhausted. I hope that 100% of the M&C community will vote, this week.
Let's do our part to be a country that is governed by the people.
Let's do our part to act out of love, instead of fear.
Thanks for reading. -Karen

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