Have you heard of #SeconhandSpring?

It's a perfectly timely "movement" that you can join with or without the social media aspect.
Ideas for how to jump into the game, while social distancing:
Start in your closet:
>Pull out the things you like, but don't wear.
What stops you from wearing it? Does it need a button, alteration? the right belt? or... are really never going to wear it? Make 2 piles: One to fix, One to sell, trade or donate.*
>Pull out the things that don't fit, or are really not your style. Put those all in the pile to sell, trade or donate.* ;)
>Look at what's left in the closet. These are the things you love to wear. If you only have pieces that look great on you, and feel right on you, getting dressed each day will be a breeze. Make a list of pieces that you will hunt for that will compliment these items to make more complete outfits.
>We and most other secondhand shops are offering lots of online and over-the-phone shopping options. (on Instagram or Facebook, and our new Poshmark closet: mcamherst!) Happy hunting!
>Don't forget about the mending/altering pile! If you are finding yourself with more time on your hands due to social distancing, maybe.... pull out the sewing machine? or... try them on, pin them up, and bring them to a tailor.
>If you are a social media user: You can have fun and become part of a community that is promoting re-use before recycle, by using #secondhandspring in your posts. So get dressed up, enjoy your clothes, share in the fun, and de-clutter!
*More on this, next post.

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