I Finally did the Math.

We have been quoting Cinda Baxter's 3/50 Project recommendations for years:

  • Choose 3 local independent businesses that you would miss if they disappeared.
  • Spend $50/month at those businesses to ensure that they don't disappear.
According to Cinda's research 68% of our purchases at local, independent retailers stays local, compared to 43% of money spent at national chains.
I have always known that far more of any M&C purchase stays in our community, because most of our merchandise comes from you, our customers... our friends... our neighbors.
I finally took the time to look at our expenses and sales, and figure it out.  Over 90% of your M&C purchases stays local.  The biggest chunk of the remaining 10% is payroll taxes.  The rest is some of our retail-inventory cost, plus supplies that we buy from local businesses that were not made in the USA, plus some retail supplies that we just can't buy locally.  We are always working to reduce that number by creatively re-using materials, buying secondhand, and by searching out local alternatives.
Retail sales at M&C amount to only 3% of our total sales, but about 1/2 of our retail products are created in New England: Ben's Syrups, Badger's shampoo and sunscreens, Heritage Woodworkers' clothes-drying racks, Harrisville looms, Amy Conley's music, Marrianne O'Connor's Haunted Hikes, Kittiwake postcards, Earth, Sky + Water's folding guides, and Coconati's truffles.
So... Thank you!  You have made this possible.  Thank you for being a part of the M&C community!


  • Great store that really understands and grasps a solid business model that features benefits to the store itself, surrounding communities, consignors, charities and shoppers! Everyone wins by doing business here especially if you are one of the local residents dropping top brand names that are of the highest quality! Leave here with a $50 bag of items that would’ve cost you $250 at the mall!! Keep up the great work & ideas that make this a special place to do business.

    Chris Varrieur
  • Karen, We (my grandchildren and I) LOVE coming to your store. I have been consigning with you for over 10years since you were at your other location.
    My granddaughters (cousins) try on over 20 items each whenever we go even tho I tell them they have one or two to buy
    Today their baskets were overflowing, yes they each had their own, and we closed the store but oh what fun watching them.


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