Love > Fear

Hi friends:
For what it's worth 😁 here is my thought of the day:
We have been inclined, lately, to say things like "I hope things get back to normal, soon." or " I hope 2021 is a happier year."
However, I feel like its important to also focus on adapting to and being in the current moment. Among the chaos, we still have the ability to be present in and bring light to each moment. In fact, in this time of uncertainty and divisiveness, I think it is our duty to find the good, focus on the present and create intention for healing and happiness. It's too easy to be angry, these days.
In every moment we can choose Love or Fear. In choosing fear, we choose division, which is not peace.
Here is what I tell myself many times per day: "Don't let fear make your decisions. Choose love."
We are one: one community, one human family, one nation, one universe, one love. 💞
Your friend and neighbor,

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