M&C Has a Social Responsibility to Stay Closed for Another Couple of Weeks

The entire world is experiencing this pandemic: studying and working on prevention, while in the thick of so much sickness and death.  Yet, there are so many unanswered questions.  Can you catch it a second time?   How many of us caught the virus, but were asymptomatic?  How long might Covid-19 be around us?

Regardless, certain things seem to be widely agreed upon: 1. The virus can be in a person for up to 14 days before symptoms may or may not occur.  2. The death toll in the United States is now projected to be over 100,000 and may head toward 150,000.  3. Vaccinations may or may not work, but won’t be available for months or a year.  4. The virus is spread person to person, so distancing and hygiene are currently the only ways that we can slow the spread, and to help protect your family. 5. The economy is suffering, but the pandemic is no where near over.

M&C is not the kind of place where you walk in, grab a few products off the shelf, check out and leave.  The way to find what you like at M&C is to touch so many pieces of clothing, as you shop rack to rack.  We have built a business model that invites folks to stay, enjoy the music, make a new friend, and browse.   We are all starving for that right now, but now is NOT the time for that.  That time will be back. It won't be exactly the same.... but we'll be together again.

My staff and I have decided that, for their safety and yours, we will wait two more weeks to watch what has been the effect of re-opened stores.   If, at that time, the news is good, we will get in gear to open on June 1, with lots of precautions.


OK, in the meantime….

What about the stuff that so many of you have cleaned out of closets?  

You know, that even if I had a full staff, we could not possibly process and sell all of what you all have waiting for us.   😉 

Here is my proposal:

For the remainder of May, I will post, on the on the Consignment Policy page, a list of specific items that I feel I WILL be able to sell online, curbside, or in June and July.   Current consignors will be invited to bring up to 15 items that are on the list, that week.  You will drop them into a bucket, inside the door. Please put your name, telephone number and email address on a couple of pieces of scrap paper, at home, and place them into your bag. Please wear a mask as you enter the shop, and do not enter if another consignor is inside the door. For my safety, I will be leaving your items where you put them for 2 days.

You must be ready to totally let go of these items.  I will not be able to give back the items that I don’t think will sell or that I can’t price high enough to make a profit.  Clear space in your closet AND your mind.  😊

A day or two before you head to drop consignments, send a list of things you need/want to Store@MotherSays.com.   If we have them, you can pay over the phone, and pick them up.   If you need to try one or 2 items before purchase, we may be able to make that happen.   Curbside purchases are returnable, though the return will not be processed for 2 days. 

Please subscribe to the M&C ENewsletter or bookmark the Consignment Page at MotherSays.com for current news and information.  I will update as often as necessary.

Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement that you have been sending.  We have no experience to call upon regarding this pandemic.  All we can do is pay attention and make the best decisions we can make with the information that we have. We made it through, this far.  We can do this!     Thank you for sharing our passion for re-using and community.

Your friends and neighbors,

Karen & the staff @ M&C

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