Maybe there is Already Enough Clothing on the Planet. ;)

“Globally, we now consume about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year—400% more than we were consuming just two decades ago” – University of Queensland (Interesting article)
I had a conversation with a customer, yesterday. She told me that she stopped buying new clothing in 2016. She will buy new underwear at retail, but buys all of her clothing secondhand. Wow! That's fantastic! I have also talked with parents who have committed to "a year of nothing new." That is a real challenge and a very commendable commitment.
I am sure you have seen the surge of campaigns such as:
"normalize repeating outfits"
"Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle"
"Slow Fashion," and so many other good and thoughtful movements.
If you look into the facts about the fashion industry and consumerism, it can be overwhelming and downright depressing. It can feel impossible some days to try to do the right thing: "Do I choose organic or the veggies that are not wrapped in plastic?" "If I don't buy anything new, I am not supporting my local retail businesses." "Polyester fabrics are not biodegradable, but cotton clothing production uses an enormous amount of water."   
It's exhausting, yes, but so necessary that we think more about how our consumption affects the world around us. Then, we do what we can.

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