Moving into Decade Number 4!

Hi friends:
As M&C enters its 4th decade, we are eager to be an even more important part of the Southern NH community.
We sincerely feel for so many of you who have lost loved ones this year, and so many who have experienced the worst versions of Covid-19. We, as a community, have been and still are experiencing so many side-effects of this pandemic, including financial struggles and and degrees of isolation. One thing that is very disheartening to me, is that this pandemic does not seem to have brought us together the way that crisis often will. I am sad to see so much divisiveness.
I know a consignment store cannot fix this, but you know us.... We are going to try to do what we can. ;) We remain inclusive, and will always greet you with a smile. Thank you for sharing our passions for recycling and building community. We look forward to your visit and to decade #4 of M&C!
Your friend and neighbor,
#Secondhandforthe Planet! 🥳🤩

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