Reopening June 1!

Here we go, with a new phase of M&C, in response to Covid-19.  😎 😷 We all want to continue to recycle and save money, so we will figure this out together.

We'll start with the following new rules and ideas, and adapt as necessary.

M&C will be open for in-store shopping and curbside delivery, 9AM - 5PM Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays starting on June 1, 2020.

We are requiring everyone who enters the shop to wear a proper face-covering and practice 6-foot social-distancing for the entire time that they are in the shop.  We know masks are not proven to reduce infection, but there is enough evidence that may help, and they do make many feel safer, so we are requiring them. 😷   Those who can't/won't wear a mask or stay 6-feet from others, have the following options:  

  • Send someone who will wear a mask and follow the 6-foot rules to do your shopping/dropping.
  • Take advantage of curbside delivery, 603 886 6727.
  • Shop at

We are going to try to have dressing rooms available.  You will leave the clothes you are not buying on a designated rack.   We will put them away 2 days later.

We are also going to try to not close the restrooms.  For this to work, customers who need to use the restroom will have to clean their way in and out of the restrooms with the cleaning supplies provided.  DO NOT flush wipes or paper towels.  An extra trash container is provided.  (BTW, be kind to all of your businesses and friends: flushing paper towels or those sanitizing wipes causes expensive plumbing problems.)

Customers, we will ask you to remove the hangers from your purchases before arriving at the cash counter. You will leave the hangers, at the dressing room rack,  hanging on the edge of your shopping cart or on a rack provided.   The cashier may ask also you to scan your purchases.   You will bag your own purchases, as well.

We have new credit card machines that accept tap cards and mobile pay.  Signatures will not be required for credit card transactions.

Customers will be expected to stay 6 feet apart from staff and other customers.  We will have some tape  on the floor as reminders, but we expect that, by now, we have all  gotten used to what 6 feet apart looks like.

We are going to try to continue allowing returns in the following fashion: Returns will need to be made within 5 days of purchase, and must be in a bag. We will process all returns 2 days after your return them to us. We will credit your credit card if applicable.  If not, we will credit your consignment/rewards account.

Consignors:   Please visit the Consignment Policy tab each time that you are gathering items to consign.  

These precautions/rules/expectations will be adapted and updated as necessary.  Please click here to return to the Blog.  You will see several posts that relate to the new normal at M&C.  Thanks for joining us in creating the M&C of the near and distant future!

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