Spring Quaran-Cleaning!

More Ideas about Recycling Your Unwanted Clothing:
1. Many of our consignors have told me that they keep a "consign" tote or basket in their closet. When they decide "this doesn't fit or work for me." they put the item directly in the basket. When it comes time for you to switch the closet over for the new season, they just wash these items and sort them to be donated or consigned. Easy! 
2. Organize your closet by season, during every season. Everything for the current season on one side, and everything else on the other. This makes it easier to see your current outfit options and to identify the pieces that you're never wearing that have been lost in the dark corners of the closet. 🧥
3. Here are a couple of other ways to pass on gently-used clothing for good use:
  • The Pass Along ProjectDrop off location is Platinum Tan, 449 Amherst St. --Thanks for the tip, Michelle!
  • The Stork ProjectDrop off location is here at M&C. --If you don't know Kathi, she's an angel!
Please keep in mind:
Take a few minutes to learn what each organization really needs, so that you aren't making it so they now have to find a place to pass-along your items.  
Also, you are going to have to keep those sorted bags of clothes for the time being.
1. Most drop-off locations are closed right now.
2. Be conscious of the idea that the virus could potentially spread through bags and donation bins. Best to wait until we're all a little more safe and sound. ☮️

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