The Parking Lot is Empty, but the Sky... It's so Blue!

We have all seen the photos of clear air, and happy wildlife, floating around the news and social media. Just wondering.... Will there be any noticeable, long-term positive benefit to the environment, after Covid-19?
Air pollution kills and shortens our lives, and is just bad for the entire planet. We are breathing better, right now, and seeing farther off in to the distance than we have in recent years. Will this cause us to want to do more to reduce pollution, once we are not in quarantine mode?
Have you been thinking that you kind of like some things about this new way of life? Are you already thinking about eating differently? Working or commuting in a new way? Changing what you buy and from whom? What are the good things that you will take away from this pandemic experience?
Wishing you peace and health.
Your friend and neighbor,
Karen @ M&C

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