The Philosophy of Mask-Wearing 🤔

Lots of arguing these days...
about the reasons to wear a mask or not 😷
about who started the virus 🙄
about who could have been more prepared 😱
about who is giving correct advice and guidance 🤔
etc, etc

Here is my humble opinion:
We are all in this now. 
We are responsible for ourselves (and those who depend on us.)
We can arm ourselves with knowledge, facts, data, instead of soundbites and memes.   If others are behaving in a way that makes you feel unsafe, do your best to avoid them.  If they are in your business, or your property, tell them that you respect their opinion and values, but you are not comfortable with their action.

My point is 3-fold:
1. Finger-pointing, blaming and shaming is negative and a waste of valuable energy.
2. It's true that blindly following any leadership, without thinking for yourself or listening to your instincts, is always a really bad idea.
3. We will do our best to help to protect you, but in the end you are responsible for you and your dependents.

OK.  Enough philosophy.  ;)
What I am really here to tell you is this:
I have done my best to learn what I need to do for me, my staff and my customers.
I know there are no numbers to prove how effective face-coverings are in slowing the spread of Covid-19.  I also know that they do stop some respiratory secretions from getting into the surrounding environment. So, at M&C, masks or some cloth that covers the nose and mouth will be required to be worn by all customers and staff the entire time that we are inside the store.*

I believe it's about being thoughtful and kind to your fellow human beings. Also:  my staff will not come to work if I don't require masks.

You protect me.  I protect you.

Customers who will not or cannot wear a mask, but want to shop at M&C, have a few options: 

  • Send someone who will wear the face-covering to do your shopping.
  • Call/message ahead, tell us what you want to buy (we can send photos, necessary,) pay over the phone, and we'll deliver the purchase to your car, or mail it to you.  We are VERY happy to do this! 
  • Shop online at


You are a valued part of the M&C Community.  Thank you for sharing our passions for sustainable shopping and sustainable living!  Be well and happy!  Looking forward to seeing you!

Your friends and neighbors,

Karen and the staff at M&C


*This is not acceptable:


Please click on this image to go to a NY Times article about how to effectively wear a mask to protect others and yourself.

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