There are very different ways that folks are experiencing this pandemic:

Just an observation...
Many are home, some working some not working. Many are helping the children with school, finding themselves with spare time due to the Stay at Home direction. These folks are learning new technology, getting outdoors, doing things they usually don't have/take time to do. They (we) are worried about money and about keeping the virus away from the more at-risk among us. We are for sure, stressed.
The other folk are the essential folks. They are going out to their jobs, but it is not business-as-usual. They are at higher risk for contracting the virus. Many are working longer hours than normal. Add to this group those who are caring for sick family. 😷❣️
They are committed and the rest of us are grateful for them. 🙏
Maybe when this is all over they can be told to stay at home! 💞
These are bizarre times. Just gotta stay positive!
Your friend and neighbor,
Karen @ M&C

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