We Are Open and Thanking Customers for Adapting!

At M&C we are following CDC safety guidelines and information. We want to remain open and available to you.  The reality is that it is up to you and us, as members of this community, to slow the spread of Covid-19. 

It is widely agreed that people are often infected and contagious for as much as a week before testing positive, and many folks never have symptoms!  Contact is how the virus spreads.  We have done our best to create systems for consignment, trying on clothes, and checking out with the cashier, that greatly reduce contact.   These procedures are less-than-convenient, but they allow us to be open, while reducing risk to our staff and customers. 

We are asking you to do your part as a member of this community: Wear a mask, even if you don't believe it matters.  Keep 6 feet away from other customers and our staff as much as possible. Please consider carrying your own pen, and getting mobile-pay or a contact-less credit card.  Plan ahead about ways to open doors without directly touching the knob.  Stay home if you have symptoms or have been exposed.   Carry hand-sanitizer.

Remember that curbside delivery will remain an option for those who cannot wear a mask.   
I know that so many of you are anxious to "get back to normal."  This virus is not going away soon, and there could be resurgence, or another virus in the future.  For, now we are settled into this "new normal" as a way to keep this special community alive and healthy!

Thank you for being a part of something big!
Your friends and neighbors,
Karen and the staff at M&C

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