Will You Buy Secondhand Gifts?

There are a few great reasons to do some or all of your holiday shopping at consignment and antique shops. Buying secondhand instead of new allows you to either spend less money, or get more, or better-quality, for the same money, all while being kind to the planet.

We don't want to put our retail friends out of business, and we certainly want to support local crafters and producers, but I think its good news for Mother Earth, that it is no longer taboo to buy secondhand goods for gifting.

It's good news for our friends and family, too!  Shopping secondhand in addition to retail opens a larger variety of potential gifts, making it more likely that we can find a gift that will truly be appreciated.

At M&C, we are here to assist.   We love to help find the perfect gift, or put together an outfit.   You may even call ahead!  Give us some ideas, and we'll start selecting items for you before you arrive!

We are very conscious of Covid safety.  Masks are mandatory, and checkout is as contactact-less as possible. If you are not ready to come into the shop, we are happy to take your wish list, send pics, make suggestions, and deliver your purchases curbside.

I made a short video hoping to inspire you to consider secondhand for the holidays:


Looking forward to helping you to enjoy the holiday shopping season!

Your friend and neighbor,


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