M&C 2017

What's new at M&C in 2017?   

  • Handmade Heaven!   Each artist has a nook filled with beautiful, heart-felt creations!
  • Seasonal trend displays!  Fall 2017 is all about denim!
  • A sporting goods department that we call RePlay, for athletic and outdoor activities!

We are 27 1/2 years old.  Times have changed dramatically, and so have we.

In the 90's, in addition to recycled clothing and accessories, we sold many retail clothing and parenting-related items that were hard to find locally.  Online shopping brought greater choices to our customers than we could provide, so we switched gears, in the second decade of M&C, to offer new and unique, fair-trade or green products that you may not have seen anywhere else.  We are switching gears, yet again, because Amazon/online-shopping makes even fair trade and green products readily available to you in greater variety and at lower prices than we can offer.  In our third decade, we have increased our focus on handmade and locally-made, while doing even more of what we do best: recycling quality secondhand items and building community.

Fast fashion has almost replaced the traditional fashion industry.  The really inexpensive clothing created by fast fashion is disposable.  This trend  is terrible for the environment, and far worse for the textile workers.  It has also caused us to change with the times. At M&C, we cannot compete with fast-fashion prices.  You can buy a fast-fashion shirt (though it will not last for a season) for $9.99.  We cannot stay in business selling those shirts for $5, because we give $2 of that to the consignor, and it costs us $4 to get that shirt into our database, on to a hanger, and into someone's shopping bag.  So, we had to stop accepting those brands that have become so cheap to buy at retail.

If you have been with us through all of these changes, we love you and thank you for being a part of the M&C community.  If you have not been into the shop recently, we still love you, and miss you. We invite you to stop in.  We know you will love what we have done with the place.  ;)