About Us

We are about much more than saving money. We recycle clothing because there is so much great clothing in our collective closets that we don't need to keep using so many resources to create more. We do consignment because it keeps the money circulating though our local community. Thank you for being a most important part of this vision.

M&C is a special place to shop. It is a community of employees, consignors and customers who share common goals: recycling, supporting local, finding sustainable fashion, being mindful in our words and actions, and having fun!

At M&C, we are proud to be a partner in our local economy. Secondhand and locally-crafted products help save transportation costs and reduce waste, while keeping you connected to your community. By buying secondhand you are not supporting fast fashion.

Mother & Child Clothing Shop opened in 1990 with 1 employee and 1200 sq. feet of space. We started with a vision of being a place where conscious parents could exchange their gently-used clothing, and find like-minded friends.  We evolved to become M&C Clothing and Goods as we began to stock more locally-made products and consignment clothing and accessories for men, women, teens, babies, parents-to-be, and pets! 


Free personal styling!

The team at M&C loves helping our customers put together a new look.  If you'll let us, we'll even help you find styles that are a little out of your comfort zone.  Give it a try!  

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