We are no longer that little shop that was simply for children and pregnancy. We are all about recylcing, community, fashion and fun for men, women, teens and children.

Mother & Child Clothing Shop opened in 1990 with 1 employee and 1200 sq. feet of space. We started with a vision of offering products that parents could not find in other local shops and we have worked hard to sustain that goal. We evolved to become M&C Clothing and Goods as we began to stock more retail products and consignment clothing for men, women and teens.  

At M&C we strive to part of a sustainable economy. The larger majority of the money that we earn goes back into the local community through our consignors, employees and the producers of local and regional products. Recycled clothing and other products help save energy and transportation costs while reducing waste.  As a member of Green America, since 1993,  we support fair trade artisans and business's who source, manufacture and market products in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

We pride ourselves in keeping in touch with what our customers want. In 1990 that meant things like carrying hard-to-find cotton diapers and clothing as well as some of the first green products available in this area. Today, our customers still support local, fair trade and sustainable products, and the enjoy the benefits of buying better-quality clothing such as Gap  or J. Crew or popular brands such as American Eagle or Lucky Brand at secondhand prices.

M&C is not just a place to shop. It is a community of employees, consignors and customers who share common goals: recycling, supporting local, finding good quality fashion, and having fun!

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