Benefits of Consignment

When you consign or buy at M&C, you are…

keeping your dollars in the community

68% of the dollars that you spend at a locally-owned business stay in the local economy.

helping local families

A portion of each consignment purchase that you make goes to the member of your community who consigned the items.

reducing insecticide use

Conventional cotton farming uses 25%  of the world’s insecticides.

reducing dependency on crude oil

The manufacture of polyester or other synthetics require large amounts of  crude oil.

reducing hazardous waste

The EPA considers many textile producers to be hazardous waste generators.

reducing your exposure to chemicals

Conventional cotton-clothing production involves formaldehyde and other toxins.

not supporting fast fashion

Fast Fashion is unsustainable because of it's poor quality, inhumane working conditions and effect on the planet.

Thank you!