Consignment Policy

M&C is Southern NH's eco-friendly and on-trend Consignment Shop.

You are our friends + the reason we do what we do, @M&C. 

The right thing for us to do is close down, temporarily, to do our part to reduce this crisis.   We will accommodate all missed consignment appointments, as soon as possible, and within the season, if possible.

We will keep in touch through social media, and newsletters and our website.  Meantime... get outside, and declutter. ;)

Get ready for better times ahead!

We accept clothing and accessories for consignment, by appointment.

Call Clean Count
to confirm
season, etc
launder and fold
your items.
We look at
up to 30
in-style items.

 Follow the 3 Cs of Consigning with us!

Call 603 886 6727 to book your 15 Min. appointment, or book online
  Monday 9:00 AM until 6:30 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM until 6:30 PM
Friday 9:00 AM until 6:30 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM until 6:30 PM

 Thank you so much for sharing our passion for recycling and keeping it local.


  1. Call for an appointment.
  2. Bring up to 30 items per visit.
  3. Items must be current style, and for the upcoming season.
  4. Bring only items that can be bought at retail stores for $20 or more.
  5. Items must be freshly laundered and neatly folded. (Hangers, and cleaning or garment bags make the consignment desk cluttered and inefficient.) ;)
  6. Weed out items with stains or rips, that are not currently in style, that are worn or faded, or that are more than 5 years old (exception: Vintage.  Please call ahead to ask if we can accept what you have.)
  7. If you like, you can place wearable-but-not-consignable items in a separate bag labeled “donate.” (We cannot give tax receipts.)
  8. Designer items will need to be authenticated by the staff who has been trained to do this.  Please mention that you have designer items to consign, when you call to make your appointment.

Click here for a list of what we are currently accepting.

How to be a Super Consignor!


Items we don’t sell:

  • any item that has been recalled
  • inexpensive, discount-store brands
  • items than can be purchased, new, for less than $20
  • event-specific or souvenir items (except Disney World/Land w/ no dates)
  • anything that is a counterfeit
  • car seats, bike seats, or bike trailers
  • bicycles that have hand brakes or gears
  • helmets of any kind
  • flotation devices, or inflatable items
  • downhill skis or snowboards
  • mattresses/bedding
  • equipment/furniture that is older than 4 years
  • promotional items with names of places, people, businesses (exception: New England Sports team clothing and gear that is not event-specific)
  • motorized bikes/cars
  • computers, or electronics
  • dvd/vhs/cassette tapes or the players
  • stuffed animals, toys or books


Administrative details

  • At the end of the first full month of consignment, remaining unsold items will be reduced in price by 25%.
  • At the end of the second month, the price of remaining unsold items will be reduced an additional 25%.
  • After the 15th day of the third month, items that remain unsold will be given to local organizations to distribute to those in need.
  • We make every effort to maximize the amount of money our consignors will receive. Accordingly, prices may —at our discretion— be reduced more than as described above, if we think that they will not otherwise sell.
  • Regarding items found to be unsuitable, after being accepted and processed: Items under $25 will be donated. We will try to call about items we have priced at $25 or more. If you want to take it back, you will have 48 hours to do so.
  • The consignor may take 40% of the sale of each item sold, in cash, or 50% of the price of each sale, if he or she chooses to take a store credit.  Exception: if an item sells for over $50 consignor earns 60% cash or credit.  Credit for any item that sold more than 2 years ago, remains available as a store credit but will not be payable in cash.
  • A $1 handling fee goes to M&C for every item sold.
  • Please do not bring items with the intent of taking back what does not sell (exception: designer items.) Our pricing includes the cost of entering your items into our system, tagging, hanging, displaying and selling them. Helping you find items that did not sell, requires manpower that cancels out any profit.


 Call us at 603-886-6727 or click here to book your 15-minute appointment.


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