Consignment Process & Currently-Accepting List


Consignors: These items are currently in very high demand.  (Scroll further down the page to see other items we are accepting, and how to bring them)
  • waterproof rain layers for all ages
  • wool layers for outdoors including great-condition socks
  • better-quality Fall/Winter children's clothing, especially size 5-8
  • up-to-date, clean Pack-n-Plays, high chairs, exersaucers
  • back-pack style baby carriers
  • snow jackets, pants, and boots for children especially size 5-8
  • hiking and cycling gear for all
  • pet gear for larger dogs
  • like-new, wooden toys that can be given as holiday gifts
  • gym gear: dumbbells, kettle bells, bands, yoga mat (no machines)



How to Consign Items at M&C -Covid-19 Version  😷🙃🙂
    • Please don't bring anything that's not on the Accepting list, below.  Call us if you think we forgot to list something.  It definitely happens.  😉 
    • Please scroll through this entire page, for all of the details. 
    • Book a drop-off time.  The reason for this is for social-distancing  to avoid too many folks dropping at the same time.   🤩
    • Include your name, telephone number and email address on a couple of pieces of scrap paper, and place them into your bag.  Please do this at home, to reduce congestion in the entrance, and to avoid having to use pens that others have touched.  Thank you.
    • Bring up to 20 like-new items per week. Check the list before each time you drop.  We will update as we see what has come in and what is selling best. 🕵️‍♀️
    • Current style, and like-new only, please: no stains or signs of wear.
    • Items must retail for $20 or more, or we can't make a profit.
    • You must be ready to totally let go of these items.  We will not be able to give back the items that we don’t think will sell or that we can’t price high enough to make a profit.  Clear space in your closet AND your mind.  😊🙆
    • No hangers, please. Items must freshly cleaned.
    • Clothing must be neatly folded into a bag.
    • Designer/high-end items will need to be authenticated by the staff who has been trained to do this. We call will call you if we are unable to authenticate them, or it is not in new/clean condition, to ask if you want it back.
    • Wear a mask over your mouth and nose, and do not enter if another consignor or customer is right inside the door. Practice 6-foot social distancing. 😷 It's about mutual respect. We are a community. 💞
    • Drop your items into a green bucket inside and to the right of the door that leads into the Children's clothing department. If you need or prefer to use the handicap-accessible door, no problem!  It's open.  :)
    • To help reduce the risk of spreading the virus, we will look at your items 24 hours after you leave them.  🤗🤭
    • EcoSmith clothing drop-boxes, behind our shop, are a great place for your wearable-but-not-consignable textiles and shoes. Any item that we can't accept will be given to Ecosmith Recylcers, Inc.

    So Many Rules!!  Yes. 🙂  We are trying to err on the side of caution, because we want to remain open. 🙂

     Click here to book your drop-off time.


    Accepting Fall/Winter items:

    (Please read the Very Important Details above.)
    • holiday clothing and accessories (deadline for holiday is November 15)
    • snow jackets, snowsuits and snowpants that are better brands, current styles and in great (no stains) condition
    • rain jackets, pants and boots that are waterproof 
    • snow boots, hats (over $20 retail) and any waterproof, like-new mittens
    • base-layers for Winter: wool or synthetic tops and bottoms, and great-condition, wool socks and tights
    • sweaters that are better brands: cotton, silk and wool are most popular.  
    • Oxford, flannel, athletic fit button-down shirts and some high-end or popular-brand for men and women. 
    • tops: better and more popular brands
    • shirts: thermal, Henley, and turtle-neck
    • hoodies and sweatshirts (cotton or athletic fabrics)
    • jeans and pants -current style and like new (current style includes vintage, high-waist "mom" jeans)
    • skirts and dresses that are current-style 
    • pajamas: like-new, better-quality
    • sneakers for whole family: great-condition, clean
    • shoes such as closed-toe, suede, fashion boots for winter
    • jewelry, handbags and accessories that are Winter colors and styles, in style, like- new and cost more than $20, retail. Watches must be running.
    • maternity clothing that is in style and like new
    • baby gear and equipment (Please call ahead to be sure we have room.) (We will do our best to look at these items and check for recalls while you are still in the shop.) (We do not accept strollers October - April.)
    • cloth diapers and diapering accessories that are in great condition
    • hiking and cycling gear for Winter
    • snowshoes, and Nordic skis (Note: X-Ctry boot/ski sets sell best.)
    • gym gear: dumbbells, kettle bells, bands, yoga mat (no machines, please)
    • athletic clothing: such as Lululemon, Adidas, Nike, and Under Armor shorts, pants, tops and hoodies for the whole family
    • vintage clothing and accessories for guys and gals.  Call or send pics if you are not sure.  :)
    • dance and gymnastics gear for children
    • musical instruments for children
    • pet stuff - like-new, better-quality clothing and gear for all kinds of pets

    Specifically Not Accepting:

    • Summer/Spring items of clothing or accessories, such as boat shoes, white jeans, nautical-theme clothing...
    • low-rise (short-zipper) jeans or very skinny jeans are not selling.
    • button-down shirts for men or woman: we get WAY more than we sell.  :) (Bring only, Oxford, Flannel, Vineyard Vines and athletic fit, please.)
    • career wear for men or women is not selling in 2020.
    • cold-shoulder tops are no longer in demand. 
    • We have noticed that we already have a lot of those duster-style, and open-cardigans and they are not selling, so we will not be taking more.
    • We have noticed that maxi dresses, and straight skirts are not selling, so we will not be accepting these items.
    • Last year, we were over-run with fashion outerwear jackets and vests that did not sell, so we are accepting  only better-outdoor-brand outerwear jackets vests.
    • If you have a coat or jacket that is not current style from The North Face, Patagonia, or Mountain Hardware, please call ahead to ask about it.
    • dress, wool coats and "car coats" generally do not sell well.
    • leather jackets and coats do not sell, except for motorcycle jackets
    • tweed fashion jackets are not popular this year.
    • strollers are not accepted October - April

    Items we don’t ever accept:

    • any item not on the Currently Accepting list  😉
    • underwear or lingerie
    • watches that are not working
    • any item than can be purchased, new, for $20 or less
    • any item that has been recalled
    • inexpensive, discount-store brands
    • event-specific or souvenir items (except Disney World/Land w/ no dates)
    • anything that is a counterfeit, or that we cannot authenticate
    • car seats, bike seats, or bike trailers
    • bicycles that have hand brakes or gears
    • helmets of any kind
    • flotation devices, or inflatable items
    • downhill skis or snowboards or the boots
    • mattresses/bedding
    • breast pumps
    • most umbrella strollers
    • equipment/furniture that is older than 4 years
    • promotional items with names of places, people, businesses (exception: New England Sports team clothing and gear that is not event-specific)
    • motorized bikes/cars
    • computers, or electronics
    • dvd/vhs/cassette tapes or the players
    • stuffed animals, baby mobiles, toys or books (like-new wooden toys accepted in Oct and Nov.)


     Click here to book your drop-off time.

    Click here for more ideas for de-cluttering and keeping goods out of the landfill.

    Click here to read: How to be a Super Consignor!  🦸


    Administrative details

    • At the end of the first full month of consignment, remaining unsold items will be reduced in price by 25%.
    • At the end of the second month, the price of remaining unsold items will be reduced an additional 25%.
    • After the 15th day of the third month, items that remain unsold will be given to local organizations to distribute to those in need.
    • We make every effort to maximize the amount of money our consignors will receive. Accordingly, prices may —at our discretion— be reduced more than as described above, if we think that they will not otherwise sell.
    • Regarding items found to be unsuitable, after being accepted and processed: Items under $25 will be donated. We will try to call about items we have priced at $25 or more. If you want to take it back, you will have 48 hours to do so.
    • The consignor may take 40% of the sale of each item sold, in cash, or 50% of the price of each sale, if he or she chooses to take a store credit.  Exception: if an item sells for over $50 consignor earns 60% cash or credit.  Credit for any item that sold more than 2 years ago, remains available as a store credit but will not be payable in cash.
    • A $1 handling fee goes to M&C for every item sold.
    • You must be ready to totally let go of the items that you bring to us.  Clear space in your closet AND your mind.  😊 (exception: designer items.) Our pricing includes the cost of entering your items into our system, tagging, hanging, displaying and selling them. Helping you find items that did not sell, requires manpower that cancels out any profit.


     Click here to book your drop-off time.

    Estimated M&C Consignment Schedule
    Please check back, closer to your drop-off, to confirm. 😌

    •    Jan/Feb   Spring/Summer
    •    Mar/Apr/May   Summer
    •    Jun   Call ahead
    •    Jul/Aug   Fall/school/Halloween
    •    Sep/Oct  Winter/Snow Gear/Holiday
    •    Nov  Winter/snow gear
    •    Dec   Call ahead


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