consignor log-in

If you have a Consignor Log-in password, click here to log in.


If you would like to be able to view your current store-credit balance online, please complete the fields below and copy and paste the paragraph in quotation marks, below this paragraph, into the message box below. Hit "send" and we will update your email address and check off the appropriate box in your account! You should receive a confirmation email message as soon as we are able to manually update your account.  Please note: No personal contact info will be uploaded as part of the Consignor Log-in feature.

"I understand that my consignment items and balance will be uploaded to the Internet.  They will be password protected, but could be seen by someone who knows my password." 
To log in, you will type your email address in to the "email" field AND in to the "password" field. Your e-mail address is your password. 
Thank you for sharing our passion for recycling and keeping it local!