Donation Information

Items that are not accepted for consignment, or have not sold, at the end of the consignment period, are given to local organizations, such as The Shepherds Fund,  EcoSmith Recyclers, and other local angels.  Often, there are other, local, not-for-profit organizations that will take some of the donations and put them to good use in the local community.
If you prefer to get a receipt for tax purposes, the Goodwill Industries Store, in the next shopping plaza, is able to give receipts for charitable donations. 
We are not able to give receipts for tax purposes, for the items that we donate for you, as we are not a charitable organization. 
Listing of organizations to whom we give your unsold items:
Treasured Threads is a series of events in which your donated clothing is sold at very affordable prices in depressed New England towns. The money goes to a not-for-profit organization in that town to aid local folks.

The Shepherd's Fund  is a group of volunteers started by long-time champion of those in need, Cally Lingly.  Volunteers work quietly behind the scenes, getting clothing and goods to families who are having trouble making ends meet.  They want no publicity or accolades.  They are angels in our community.  If your items were accepted for consignment, but did not sell, they are often donated to the Shepherds Fund at the end of the consignment period.  
The Shepherd's Fund has existed for over 20 years, but its non-profit status with the IRS has lapsed. The organization has no income or funds to cover the cost of re-applying for their charitable organization status. Therefore, we are not able to provide you with a receipt or tax ID# for the purpose of getting a deduction on your tax return.

EcoSmith Recyclers, Inc. is a for-profit business that takes the surplus clothing that local organizations are not able to take.  You are welcome to place clothing and shoes for all ages and sizes in the Ecosmith bins behind our shop.  Please be sure that the items are clean and dry and packed into plastic bags that tie. Please put only clothing, textiles and shoes into the bins.  
While you cannot claim these as a charitable donation for tax purposes, know that the clothing is getting recycled and creating good karma.  The items are shipped to underdeveloped countries, and may be given away, or may be sold at a very low price to entrepreneurs who are able to have a small income by selling affordable, secondhand clothing in their community.