How to be Super Consignor!

Our favorite consignors have these super powers:

•    They check the website to find out what we are able to accept.
•    They always bring no more than 20 items.
•    They take time, at home, to weed out any faded, stained, dated, worn pieces.
•    They wash and fold what they bring to us.
•    They don't bring their clothing on hangers or in garment/cleaning bags.
•    They don't consign things to which they are emotionally attached.*
•    They understand why we can't accept items with a retail price of $20 or less.**
•    They are engaged, ask questions, and they share our passion for recycling and keeping it local.    

We look forward to seeing you!       -sincerely, the staff at M&C


*Please do not bring items with the intent of asking us to help you find and take-back what does not sell (exception: designer/high-end items.) Our pricing includes the cost of entering your items into our system, tagging, hanging, displaying, selling them, and passing unsold items on to places where they will have a new life. Helping you find items that did not sell, requires manpower that cancels out any profit. Clear your closets and your head.  ;)  Let us find a good home for those things that you no longer wear.

**You may have noticed that we deleted our "No Thank You Brands" list from the website. We were finding it impossible to keep up with editing it. Here is a much simpler way to help you know what to bring: We cannot accept things that had a retail price of less than $20, because it would cost more to process them than we would make on them, after giving a percentage to you. :) Ahh... Why didn't we think of that sooner?