Insider Information ;)

If you are a newer member of the M&C community, or you’ve been with us as we’ve moved from Amherst to Nashua and back to Amherst…. 
We thought you’d appreciate a list of tips or reminders.


If the item does not sell after it’s first full month on the racks, it is automatically marked down by 25%, and then 50% after the second month.  Those dates and prices are printed right on the price tags.


We love to help!  Can't find your size, or accessories to match your outfit? Don't know what color looks great on you? Wish you brought a friend who'll help you find things to try? In the mood for a new look?  Our staff is all about this.  We are your shopping buddies. If one of us can't help you, we'll hook you up with another team member.


What happens to the things that don't sell? Many go to local organizations who will distribute them locally. The rest goes to Ecosmith Recyclers. We think they are the most honest, and locally-owned textile recycling company around. You can bring textile and shoes donations to mc square.  There are clothing bins in our parking lot!


Love high-end brands?  Look for wooden hangers. 


Looking for plus-size? We keep most plus items in our Plus-Size kiosk.  If that is full, we may put some with our theme displays.  They will have size markers on the rail.


Love to shop local?  At M&C about 90% of your purchase stays in the local economy.  We give 40% or more of the price that you pay to the person (a member of the local community) who consigned the item.  We pay our workers who spend their money locally, and we buy as many of our supplies and services as possible from local businesses.


Wondering why RePlay, our sporting goods department, seems like a separate business? We wanted to make it clear that we have gear for men, women, and children so, we gave it a separate name.  We are actually one big happy shop.


Speaking of RePlay, don’t miss the upstairs gear room!  Looking for atheleticwear? We used to display it in RePlay, but due to it's popularity, it is now displayed with the clothing. Women's atheletic wear and athliesure is located near the dressing rooms.


We have an upstairs, Good-Buy room!   When we have a surplus of items that are on their last markdown, we move those items up to a room above the Women's department.